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Summer is a great time to get started on home improvement projects, such as painting, landscape, or other small projects.

PRESSURE WASHING: Some of the things that get caught in the gutters are the windows, the roof, and the walls. Pressure washing the exterior helps remove the debris and makes the house look brand new.

PERFORM PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ON THE HVAC UNIT: The maintenance of an HVAC unit can be performed in a couple of hours. This procedure can save you thousands of dollars by keeping your unit running smoothly. This service saves you money on your air conditioner maintenance. It only takes a few hours to perform these tasks.

INSTALL A SMART THERMOSTAT: Having a smart thermostat is a must-have for reducing energy consumption. It can also help lower your electric bill and it works by automatically adjusting the temperature based on your environment.

CLEAN AND ORGANIZE: If you have put off cleaning until the summer, then renting a storage unit can help keep your excess possessions organized.

PAINT: A fresh coat of paint can transform a house and its surroundings. It can create a new look for furniture, rugs, and window treatments. It can also improve the light’s visibility in the house. For bathrooms, a light paint color is ideal.

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