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Author: HandyMax Pro

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Pendant lights can provide a beautiful touch to any room. They’re often known, commonly utilized above tables and kitchen aisles. Pendant lights come in various sizes and allow installing and accentuating a reading nook or sitting space in the bedroom to illuminate your main suite. According

Installing over and under kitchen lighting a good idea?

A little lighting can go a long way, and under/over cabinet lighting will instantly enhance your kitchen and make your kitchen look elegant,  bringing out all the beauty of your kitchen while highlighting the darkest areas. In addition, consider other spaces where illumination can be added, including bedrooms,

PRO Tip: Upgrade your bathrooms

We’re all looking for those helpful hints that will help us get the most bang for our dollars. This is especially true in the case of house upgrades. However, because bathroom designs are often a hefty ticket, it might be tough to accomplish such outcomes

Install a smart thermostat

Is it worth it to invest in a smart thermostat?

Whether or not a smart thermostat is worthwhile depends on how you intend to use it and what you mean by “worth it.” Because of its sophisticated capabilities, smart thermostats make it easy to consume less energy and save money, but you must use those

Baseboard Repair & Installation

Even though it may appear to be a minor detail, your baseboard styles, or the trim that runs along the seam of the floor and wall, can give your room design a distinct new look. When building or renovating a home, one of the last

When To Repair or Replaced Drywall

Not all water damage will require the replacement of drywall panels. If the damage is significant enough, or if the damage is not significant enough, the drywall may be dried out and painted. Early detection of a leak can help prevent further damage. If the

Give Your Home Electrical Safety a Boost

Having regular safety checkups is also critical to keeping your home and family safe. Smoke alarms are the most effective way to prevent a fire from happening. They should be regularly tested and installed on each level of the home. Never leave cooking unattended and

Handyman vs. Contractor

You might need to add shelves to the laundry room, or you might need to remodel the bathroom. When it comes to these types of projects, choosing a contractor is an easy decision. What is a HANDYMAN? A handyman is a person who has specific


Summer is a great time to get started on home improvement projects, such as painting, landscape, or other small projects. POWER WASHING: Some of the things that get caught in the gutters are the windows, the roof, and the walls. Power washing the exterior helps